Here's our lineup

Outkick The Coverage with Clay Travis

Weekdays 6a – 9a

Originating from Nashville, Tenn., the program features Travis’ informed, outspoken, fearless and often funny commentary on the latest sports headlines, as well as pop culture commentary, interviews and listener interaction. The FS1 college football analyst and founder of the wildly popular will continue to host his top-ranking Outkick The Show webcast.

The Dan Patrick Show

Weekdays  9a – 12p

Before Dan decided to build a ManCave out of an abandoned dance studio, stick in cameras, drag in four motley producers off the street and create a popular radio and television show (while also hosting a little show called Football Night in America on NBC), he held several odd jobs. Patrick worked as a FM DJ, a sports broadcaster in Dayton, Ohio, and at CNN Sports. For 18 years, he helped build ESPN in many roles, most notably, co-host of SportsCenter.

Colin Cowherd

Weekdays 12p – 3p

Colin Cowherd, one of the most thought-provoking sports hosts in the country, joined FOX Sports in September 2015 as a television, radio and digital personality. His three-hour sports talk program, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, airs on sports Radio 850 weekdays from 12:00 to 3:00 PM ET. Also, Cowherd is a key member of the FOX NFL Kickoff cast, a show which airs Sundays during the NFL season on FOX at 11:00am preceding FOX NFL Sunday. He also contributes to coverage of many of FOX Sports’ marquee events.

The Bob Matthews Show

Weekdays 3p – 5p

Bob Matthews, Nick Chappell and Jason Dick bring you the best in local, regional and national sports every weekday afternoon from 3-5pm.  These three have been talking and playing sports since they were kids and now they get paid for it!

Bob Matthews joined the Sinclair Communications family in 2009 after 22 years in broadcast journalism. Most recently, Bob was a reporter for the CBS affiliate in Norfolk, WTKR-TV. While at WTKR, he covered a variety of stories including 9/11 and its one year anniversary, the US-Iraq war, numerous hurricanes and tropical storms, two Major League Baseball All Star games and the John F. Kennedy Jr. plane crash.

Jason was born in and continues to live in Austin, TX; he is like the only one ever. He is quite accomplished in the ways of radio jack-assery hosting a top rated comedy morning show in Texas and a variety of other podcasts. An alum of The University of Texas, Jason roots for the Longhorns in all things college and the Dallas Cowboys and San Antonio Spurs in the pro ranks. He likes spaghetti and Sunkist orange soda. And now something about baseball… Jason is 49% Astro’s fan, 49% Rangers fan, and 2% Cubs fan. Yes, he is the absolute worst. Jason is considering becoming a Vegas Golden Knights fan but is awaiting final word from management on if he HAS to follow hockey. A gambling enthusiast, Jason has cashed multiple times at the World Series of Poker, and usually has a pretty good idea what the line is on any big game. He is single but not lonely. He is an unapologetic Mama’s boy.

Nick Chappell has  lived in Hampton Roads his entire life and has literally worked half of my life here at  Sinclair Stations. When he isn’t at work you can find him hanging out with his wife and two awesome sons. Nick loves the simple things in life like watching the Orioles play, going for a nice run, and watching Marvel movies as often as he possible can. Nick is a  huge Disney nerd so he is always heading to Disneyland and Disney World as often as possible.

The Rich Eisen

Weekdays 5p – 8p

Rich Eisen one of the most well-known names in sports broadcasting. As a three-time Sports Emmy nominee in the Outstanding Studio Host category, The Rich Eisen Show features the NFL Network host’s engaging blend of insightful sports analysis, breaking sports news and offbeat mix of humor and pop culture, with celebrity guests from the worlds of sports and entertainment.Eisen was NFL Network’s first on-air talent when the network launched in November 2003, and the original host of NFL Total Access, which provides exclusive inside access to all 32 teams, including the latest news, information and live reports coast-to-coast.