Midnight Corn Dogs 11/14/16

We know nothing


Well as I said on the show, we know nothing. What a weekend for sports fans. Politics has been stealing the spotlight for a little while now and back to take its rightful spot in drama laden drama is…..SPORTS!!!!

I imagine Roger Goodell at the top of a mountain with his shirt in pieces flicking off little morons like me who said the NFL is dead and proceeds to pull the Excalibur sword out the stone. With that being said a lot of it had to do with a good product. The leagues premier team, New England, was playing in prime time against the Seahawks and the 4:25 games were headlined by Americas team against the Steelers. I believe that this will continue and the NFL is back. 0


Everyday on Midnight Corn Dogs I will share one or two stories that I didn’t get to on the show as well as the show in podcast form.

Story 1: Supermoon

NYT- A supermoon, as it’s known is when a full moon is at its perigee — the closest point to Earth along its orbit.

(This particular supermoon experience is extra rare: It’s the closest full moon since 1948.)

If you slept through the exact moment of the perigee (6:22 a.m.), don’t fret: You can still catch the spectacle tonight, when the moon will look about 7 percent bigger and 15 percent brighter than usual.


I honestly didn’t see a difference. It is kind of cool I guess and normally I am all for weird space stuff. For example anything Elon Musk shoots into the sky or meteor showers. All this led to was pictures like this528965_406012306087721_1730816628_n

That is a terrible picture, but hey Supermoon right! Keep that off my social media. Maybe I am missing something….nope.

Story 2: NBA D-League Proposal

WHAT IS THIS!!!! GUYS lets have a talk. First off proposals at sporting events are the absolute worst. Unless your wife to be is a bigger fan than you are than maybe. For the most part keep sports and your wedding proposal separate. Now tackle this mess right here. The LA D-Fenders play at the Lakers and Sparks practice facility. Notice the ten fans sitting behind a tablecloth looking thing on the sidelines. I wander how hard it is to get people to go to these awful games. Then you have the gumption to propose mid court to your girlfriend. Well she said yes which is good…I guess. I don’t know if I would marry a girl who would say yes to this. It would be a test. Say yes and we break up. Keep your standards high ladies.


Ok that is it for today. Remember, no Supermoon pictures and keep your wedding proposal at the Eiffel Tower not a NBA D-League game.

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