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NASCAR and IndyCar racing… it’s not your ordinary Sunday drive! It’s a national celebration; an American sport traveling rapidly into the urban areas of the United States. And in Hampton Roads, only Sports Radio 850 brings you live coverage of the NASCAR Sprint Cup and IndyCar Series races. Click here for more info.


UVA Football Coverage

Attention UVA Fans! Sports Radio 850 broadcast the UVA Football games on AM850. You can listen on your radio, here on our website or on our app.


Date Time Event
01/21/17 1:30PM Uva Basketball: Uva vs Georgia Tech
01/24/17 7:30PM Uva Basketball: Uva @ Notre Dame
01/25/17 7:00PM Uva Coaches Corner
01/29/17 12:30PM Uva Basketball: Uva @ Villanova
01/30/17 7:00PM Uva Coaches Corner
02/01/17 7:30PM Uva Basketball: Uva vs Va Tech

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